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e-bike drive system

yoku energy limited

yoku mini epro

yoku mini epro e-bike battery has optimized internal design: compact and simple. the smaller sizes fit for more frames. adopt high capacity cells, more capacity, less weight. options: 36v 9/11/13.6ah. ...

yoku energy limited

yoku will show up at eurobike 2016

yoku will show up at eurobike 2016 which will start from 31st, aug. to 2nd, sept., 2016. during the exhibition, yoku will present kinds of new designs. our products combine the exclusive design and fabulous intelligence for customers. the main new product of yoku this year is epro 2, which is suitable for 99% e-bikes, integrated with new technic, smaller...

yoku energy limited

yoku introduces laser spot welding

laser beam welding (lbw) is a modern method of fusing two pieces of metal. it is a process typically used in a large automated manufacturing environment and can be applied to a variety of metals, including steel (carbon and stainless), aluminum, titanium alloys and nickel alloys....

yoku energy limited

yoku high energy density battery

yoku high energy density batteries are already tested in the lab and proved by the market. the density rate of yoku 4.35v battery can reach 560 wh/l. the material we apply is linixcoymnzo2, which is more stable and safer than licoo2. yoku high energy density batteries are widely used in tablet, notebook, smart phone, etc....

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yoku started the e-bike battery project since 2009. after 5 years of r & d and sales, yoku develop the full series of e-bike batteries, and has the capability of providing worldwide service.
1.the tech
yoku started producing li-ion battery cells since the year 2004. the 10 years experience in the industry endows yoku tech team the full insight of li-ion battery cells & packs. the edge of yoku is not only the super quality control ability, but also the trouble shooting capability. yoku engineers with more than 10 years industry experience are united as one and always ready for tech support.

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